Andrea Samuelson
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Short Fiction



I was born in California but have lived in the UK most of my life. I started writing to supplement my careers as an usherette, barmaid, hostess (only for a week..) hotel kitchen assistant and office cleaner. Writing is a messy and unpleasant job but hey, someone's got to do it.

Along the way I've earned a BA Hons degree and a Master's in creative writing. I also have a Cert Ed in adult education.


Although most of my time is spent staring at a computer screen and avoiding all social activity, somehow I managed to get married and have two nice children, who amazingly haven't embarked on therapy yet. My husband doesn't write. His sole function is to give me the space and freedom I need to sit and scream at a blank page.

One day I threaten to go to Sainsbury's dressed in a showgirl costume, but I haven't yet found the right shoes.

My favourite writers are WG Sebald, Janet Frame, Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Coupland, Raymond Carver, Sylvia Plath, Alice Munro, Graham Green...possibly my favourite book is Les Liaisons Dangereuses, joint first with Slaughterhouse Five. Out of new writers I really like Miranda July. I used to like Martin Amis but I don't any more. I hear he's really cut up about that.

My writing has been published in QWF, Cadenza, Front & Centre, Mslexia, and Rialto and I have won several national competitions for short stories and poetry including the Peterloo Prize in 2009.

My favourite quote about writing is Kafka's : A book must be an axe for the frozen sea within us.

The blade's a bit rusty, but I keep on sharpening it.










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