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Student Feedback

Student Feedback

"I loved every minute of the course and am only sorry that I can't start all over again...truly a life changing experience."
"Working with Andrea was brilliant. She boosted my confidence from the outset and came up with wonderfully imaginative exercises to help me work on issues I had highlighted as my weak points. My goal was to enter a writing competition. This might sound like a small thing but despite writing sporadically for years I had never had the confidence to move things on so this felt like a realistic and important ambition. Andrea understood this. Her feedback is very insightful and for me it was invaluable. She has a great ability to help you see your work from a new perspective."
- Emily Russell Asham Award finalist 2013

This course was incredibly inspiring, supportive and fun. The writing exercises were interesting and motivating. Andrea is a very encouraging tutor who lead the group very well and ensured everybody got the most out of this experience. TC

I had absolutely no idea what 'Lifewriting' involved when I signed up last September. However from the first class it turned out to be an inspiration. In a small group, we tentively explored different ways of each looking at and interpretating our own individual life stories. Creative means of using photos and objects and pictures as well as words made each week a fresh revelation from a different angle. We shared tears and laughter as we told or listened to our stories and were sad when the course ended. For me personally, it was a way of starting to make some cohesive sense of my fractured past and finding a positive way to express this, which is ongoing. It has been a creative unravelling, therapeutic revelation and a privilege to share the journey with others as they have told their stories. I can't recommend Andrea's courses highly enough. Don't miss something really special! SR

The Life Writing and Creative Writing Courses were extremely inspiring. I'd recommend the courses to anyone; from beginners to experienced writers. I learnt so many techniques and approaches to writing, and it was great to have the opportunity to share work and ideas with a fabulous group of supportive fellow students, led by an outstanding teacher. SW

As a total amateur who HATED essays at school but has developed a taste for a bit of writing recently, I had no idea of how to start writing about my life without making it a totally boring tome. You set me off and helped me find the right formula for my project. You introduced me to many writing techniques of which I was unaware and encouraged me to explore and use skills I never knew I had. Thank you so much Andrea! RS

"Far and away the most provoking and generous of any guidance I have ever had for creating a novel."
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