Andrea Samuelson
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Cradle Song

“A profoundly moving account of what it means to be a mother... Courageous, honest, accurate” (Clare Best)

"Cradle Song” is a collection of poems based on the story of a forgotten woman, confined to an asylum for most of her adult life, buried in an unmarked grave, unmourned by her children.

It is the story of my great grandmother, Atalia Samuelson.

In 2007 I embarked on a mission to discover who Atalia really was and how she came to suffer her fate. I found out much more than I had ever thought possible. I was able to visit the asylum where she lived for fifty years, to read her original medical records, and to see her face in photographs that had long been unidentified.

But in seeking to understand Atalia's experience, I was forced to face my own memories of post natal depression and hospitalisation. Her suffering seemed to mirror my own. I was fortunate enough to benefit from modern treatment and medicine; for Atalia there was to be no escape.

The poems in Cradle Song are both an expression of my own experience and an attempt to speak on behalf of someone long silenced.

- Andrea Samuelson


Cradle Song is published by Moth Light Press and can be purchased on this website for £6.99

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