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September, 2016

9/17/2016 12:15:03 PM
This is a beautiful month - the slanting light, soft cool mornings in the garden, still a little sun left at the end of the day. But for years that very change in the light sent me into a state of dislocation, anger, misery. It triggered all the emotions connected with going back to school, going back to a kind of prison where I was bored, lonely, made to feel useless. It took a long time to eradicate those feelings, to persuade myself that whatever I was - whatever my talents were - I had value. That change was brought about by writing, and by  my experience on the (sadly now defunct) Creative Writing and Personal Development MA at Sussex University.  When we write, we are allowed to speak our truth, and trust that it will be heard by someone - even if that someone is only an alienated part of the self, brought back into the fold.  Now as I prepare for the new term I'm wondering what kind of students will be in the class - some familiar faces will be returning, but others I haven't met yet. Whoever comes along I am certain I will hear phrases such as  "This frightens me...I can't write... I hate being in a classroom because I hated school." And I hope that after a few weeks I will hear that same person say; "This is nothing like school - I'm enjoying it." I look forward to that, and to enjoying the beauty of  September.
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